Slavic cheeses
Heritage of good taste!

Slavic cheese TM is a line of classic flavors, tribute to the traditions and the strengthening of good heritage. And today, it is one of the most loved consumer brands from the largest cheese producer, Gadyachsyr LLC. Rich experience, classic technologies and variety of our recipes are embodied in a wide assortment of cheeses popular in Ukraine and abroad: “Rossiyskiy” (Russian cheese), “Zvenigorodskiy”, “Vitiaz Sviatogor”, “Slivochniy”, “Smetankoviy” (Sour), “Monastyrskiy”, “Slavianskiy”, “Getmanskiy”, “Kniazhiy”, “Kupecheskiy”, “Montegro”, “Eshtaller”, “Duplet”, “Mramorniy” (Marble).

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