Traditions of Quality!

Gadyachsyr TM is created like a dish by the chef - the largest company releases its branded line in which every recipe is considered unique. After all, this signature dish is a demonstration of our skills, and master’s compliments to his customers.

And in this line of cheeses we have embodied experience and classical heritage, our skills and secrets. That is reflected in a rich assortment of cheeses: “Rossiyskiy” (Russian cheese), “Vitiaz Sviatogor”, “Smetankoviy” (Sour), "Slivochniy”, “Monastyrskiy”, “Slavianskiy”, “Getmanskiy”, “Polyushko-Pole” (Grassland), “Zvenigorodskiy”, “Mramorniy” (Marble), “Duplet”, “Vivat Korol”.

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